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Postal Uniforms Price Quotes, or PUPQuotes, is a new tool for postal employees who are trying to maximize the value of their allowance dollar. If you are a USPS licensed vendor, don't ignore this potential source of new business. To participate, complete our PUPQuotes application.

Postal Uniform Websites

We can host your existing site, or get you up and running with a fully functional postal uniforms website in a very short period of time. We have designed and currently host some of the most successful postal uniform websites in the industry. We are not new players in the postal uniform industry. In fact, we created one of the first online postal uniform websites and have been pioneers in the advancement of online postal uniform sales. If you want a postal uniform website that really works at a reasonable price, then you need our services. For more information, contact us by email.

Vendor Directory

Our directory has been on the Internet since July 2000. During this time, we have watched the explosion in the number of postal uniform vendor websites from less than 10 to over 70. We have referred over 1,100,000 potential customers to authorized USPS uniform vendors and others. Our database currently contains approximately 350 listings. We will list any authorized vendor at no charge. Your company will be listed by name and by location. If you have multiple locations, we will gladly list each one. If you have a website, it may be listed on our online vendors page if your site has postal uniform content and easy to find contact information. Our decision to list your site, or not, is based upon our subjective estimate of the value of your site to the prospective postal uniform buyer. If your company is not listed, please complete our online form. On the other hand, if your company is already listed, please verify that the listing is accurate. If not, please let us know.

Advertising and Sponsorships

Help us keep this valuable site growing and improving for the benefit of USPS employees. Our sponsorship program is available in three affordable levels. For more information, review and complete our sponsor application.

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Vendor Catalogs

We are now accepting vendor catalogs from our sponsors. Your catalog may be viewed by thousands of postal employees who would not otherwise see it. You save the printing and distribution costs. If you publish a postal uniform catalog, please mail a copy to us. In fact, add us to your mailing list. We will scan your catalog, convert your pdf file or link to your online catalog. Mail printed catalogs to:

The Postal Uniforms Vendor Directory
2910 E Pine Needle Ave
Colbert, WA 99005

Vendor Sales

If you are having a sale, we would like to help you get the word out. Become a sponsor, and we will post a brief description of your sale and a link to your site. Or, if you prefer, we will publish your sales "brochure" on our site. We will accept your information in plain text, html, gif, jpeg, pdf or any standard document format.