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Uniform Program Suggestions & Comments

Subject: Old Striped Shirts
I would like for the red striped shirts to return. They were light weight and they stayed cleaner than the new ones.

Subject: Winter Weight Coveralls
Why do letter carriers not have the option of having winter weight coveralls? Every carrier that I know of asks the same question. We are out there freezing our butts off, while MVS and clerks have better options. No one understands why we don't have them. The coats and winter trousers are fine, but definitely not warm enough in -12° weather. I would love the option of purchasing a nice warm, comfy pair of winter coveralls along with hundreds of other letter carriers.

Subject: SPF Long Sleeve Letter Carrier Shirts
I suggest SPF long sleeve shirts for Letter Carriers be added to the list of approved items to help protect against excessive sun exposure.

Subject: Mesh Helmet for Maintenance
I work in building maintenance and my work takes me outdoors and on the roof in the heat of the day. This year the mesh helmet is not on my uniform allowance list to purchase. This helmet is being used by carriers that work outdoors. It is a good safety item in hot weather and rainy days, because it helps keep the head and body cool and dry. I am requesting that it be placed on the maintenance uniforms allowance list.

Subject: Ice Cleats
Hi my wife is a letter carrier... They issued Yaktrax ice cleats last year to those that wanted them and now require them to wear either these or the postal authorized boots. The boots are no good on ice and the cleats hurt her feet terribly. I have found another pair that a postal carrier in Canada suggested and said were much easier on the feet than the Yaktrax. The product is Stabilicers by 32 North Corporation of Biddeford, ME. They have a solid Vibram sole which has replaceable cleats attached to them on the outside of the sole, allowing for support to the shoe or boot the person is wearing. The Yaktrax just go on the bottom of the shoe and cause discomfort by giving pressure unevenly on the bottom of the wearers foot. Also, they drive the carrier crazy when being required to also walk in a combination of ice and deep snow because they come off constantly. The Stabilicers are over the boot and are attached easily by Velcro straps that can be adjusted and removed anytime.

I just put them in as a suggestion for your website, but I'm not sure if they are officially approved or not. Could you tell me if they are or not and if they need to be. I want to order her some shortly as her feet are terribly sore every night. The best ones are $49.00/pair and they have a couple of other pairs that are less expensive. Please let me know ASAP so I can get her some relief. Thanks
-Dave, Rhode Island

Subject: Maintenance/Mail Handler Uniform Items
I, like most postal allowance shoppers would very much like build up orders to the limit of our allowance maximum, this could easily be done by offering us other related items like socks, knit caps, belts etc. I could only come to $57.00 or over the $64.00. Thank You.

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