Postal Service Uniforms - Type 5 - Medical Personnel

Product Focus - 100% Cotton Tops - Postal Nurse

This page is a brief tutorial on finding 100% cotton tops. We will focus on licensed vendors in the USPS Uniform Program.

If you search our site for vendors selling "Postal Nurse" uniforms, you will find approximately 50 vendors listed. Not all of these vendors have websites, but you may use this list as a reference to make telephone calls, send emails and visit a few websites.

Listed below are the steps to create this list:

  1. Click VENDORS tab.
  2. Click VENDOR SEARCH tab.
  3. Find the Menu labeled "Search For Uniform Type (Craft)."
  4. Select "Postal Nurse."
  5. Click Go! button.

Selected Vendor Websites Selling 100% Cotton Tops

When you visit the sites listed above, the steps for finding 100% cotton tops will vary. However, some of these websites share common search filters for selected brands, specifically Cherokee and Landau. Below, we supply instructions which you can use to search these brands. If you have any questions or comments, please use our contact form.

You will probably need to click a couple of links to get to the Cherokee or Landau brand. For example, some sites have a "Medical" or "Health Care" link, followed by a "Tops" or "Scrubs" link.

1. Click "Scrub HQ" link.
2. Find Fabric Type menu.
3. Select 100% Cotton fabric.
4. Click Search button.
1. Click "Tops" link.
2. Find the filter menu on the right side of the page.
3. At the bottom of the filter menu, click the Show More Filters button.
4. Click "Fabric" link.
5. Check box for 100% Cotton.



Note to Our Visitors

Product Focus
We include links to certain vendor websites on this page. We believe they are licensed vendors in the USPS Uniform Program, but we do not guarantee anything. We provide this list so that you can visit the websites to do your own research. We are not responsible for any problems that may occur. It is up to you to do your homework, check the prices before ordering, and follow up with the vendor if you have any issues.

If you find errors on our website, please let us know. With your help we can make this website more accurate and a valuable resource for USPS employees.