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How It Works
USPS employees will use our system to create a PUPQuote Request. The PUPQuote Request will contain a list of USPS approved uniform, footwear and accessory items that the employee wishes to purchase.

Using our system, you, as an authorized vendor, will be given an opportunity to submit a quote in response to each customer's request. We call these PUPQuotes (Postal Uniforms Price Quotes).

Each PUPQuote you complete will list your items, prices and delivery charges, if any. The USPS employee will be able to review each PUPQuote and select the one which best fits his/her needs. If the customer selects your quote, you will get the order!

Note that you do not need your own website to participate in our PUPQuotes program. All you need is Internet access and an email address (minimum requirements).

Follow These Steps:

  1. Complete the PUPQuotes vendor information form.
  2. Complete the PUPQuotes contact information form.
  3. Review and accept our terms of use.
  4. Make a minimum payment.

Upon approval, you will be sent an email which will give you further instructions regarding this program.

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