Prices - Postal Service Uniforms

How To Make Sure You're Getting a Good Price.
Wide variations in price exist from vendor to vendor. We regularly see price variations of 25-30% on certain items, depending upon size.

The good news for postal employees is that increased competition and the Internet have created downward price pressure over the last few years. Many vendors have not raised prices and some have lowered prices to remain competitive.

The bottom line: Do your homework and you will reap the benefits. To ensure that you're getting a good price on your postal uniform purchase, you need to do some research. Here are 5 suggestions:

  1. Visit our sponsors' websites.
  2. Search our product pages for specific items.
  3. Check out the sales information on our sales pages.
  4. Review a limited number of vendor catalogs.


Note to Vendors

Catalogs and Sales
We accept catalogs and sale information for posting to our website from our sponsors. Please see our Vendor Services page for more information.