Postal Service Uniforms

ELM 931.13 Types of Clothing

  • Type 1 – city letter carriers, clerk/special delivery messengers, clerks performing city letter carrier duties, motor vehicle operators, tractor–trailer operators, driving instructors and examiners, letterbox mechanics, ramp clerks and transfer clerks, AMF, performing ramp clerk duties, area maintenance technician/specialists, maintenance mechanics working as letterbox mechanics (see 932.11h), passenger elevator operators, and elevator starters.
Product Focus
Warm Weather Postal Uniforms - April 2011
You might want take a look at your warm weather postal uniforms. You may need them very soon, especially if you are located in the southeast, south or southwest. Our friends in Florida, Texas, Arizona and Southern California have already experienced temperatures in the high 80's and low 90's. Short sleeve shirts, lightweight trousers and shorts are just the right antidote for these Spring heat waves.
Postal All Weather Gear System - January 2011
Are you still dealing with cold weather, rain and/or snow? We know our friends in the northeast have recently experienced some heavy snow and cold temperatures. Perhaps you may need to look at the postal all weather gear system for protection. All weather gear may be the solution. It is a modular system that you can customize to your particular situation. The system is designed to be waterproof and lightweight while providing warmth and protection from harsh weather.
New Letter Carrier Shirts - November 2010
New Postal Uniforms Available! The USPS authorized a brand new design of the short sleeve, long sleeve, and jac shirts. The new shirts are a solid light blue and include the same emblem. There are no stripes. The cut of the shirts is the same. The fabric is a 65% polyester / 35% cotton, but will now be a poplin weave as opposed to the current shirts which are a broadcloth.

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