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Online Postal Service Uniforms
Many USPS licensed vendors now sell postal uniforms online. Online vendors are listed below. Our list of online postal uniform vendors is the most complete list available on the Internet. Use it as a reference to search vendor websites for postal uniforms. To search for a local vendor, click the VENDOR SEARCH tab.

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Best Postal Uniform Vendor Websites
IMPORTANT: These are the top websites, in our humble opinion, for ordering postal uniforms. (More vendor websites are listed below.) This list is not ranked. We believe that all of these vendors are pretty good at what they do. So, this list is ordered alphabetically. We have taken many factors into account, including usability, accessibility, quality content and appealing design. We did not take into account pricing, delivery or quality of merchandise. That part is up to you! (click link to visit website, click for contact information.)


Vendor Websites with Online Ordering of Postal Uniforms
NOTE: If you find any errors in our list, please let us know. Thanks!
(click link to visit website, click for contact information.